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Gurufa is on a mission to revolutionize education from first principles, fostering a new approach that empowers children to thrive in a rapidly changing world.

With a commitment to holistic development and practical learning experiences, Gurufa offers two innovative platforms: Gurufa Kids and Gurufa Games.

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Gurufa Kids

Gurufa Kids is a platform dedicated to providing children aged 5-16 with a comprehensive range of extra-curricular courses. We understand the challenges faced by parents who seek to cultivate their child's overall growth, both physically and cognitively. That's why we have carefully curated a diverse selection of courses, including Rubik's Cube, Vedic Maths, Abacus and Yoga. We are already working on other skills like Aptitude, Fundamentals of Coding, Basics of Finance, Football, Skating, and many more. These courses are designed to inspire curiosity, foster creativity, and nurture a love for learning in children.

How We Make a Difference?

  1. Holistic Development: Traditional education systems often overlook the holistic development of children, focusing solely on academics. Gurufa Kids addresses this challenge by offering a wide range of courses that cater to various interests and talents. Through our platform, parents can provide their children with opportunities to explore diverse fields and develop well-rounded skills.
  2. Engaging Learning Experience: We understand the importance of active engagement in the learning process. Gurufa Kids courses are designed to provide interactive and experiential learning experiences. By engaging in practical activities and hands-on projects, children can apply their knowledge and develop critical thinking, problem-solving, and collaboration skills

Gurufa Games

Gurufa Games is a platform where children, or their parents on their behalf, can enroll as participants in a series of exciting and educational competitions. Our competitions aim to provide a consistent and fair stream of opportunities for children to showcase their talents, gauge their growth, and discover their true passions and interests.

How We Make a Difference?

  1. Practical Application of Skills: The conventional examination-based evaluation methods often fail to capture a child's true potential and practical skills. Gurufa Games offers a unique solution by organizing regular competitions where children can put their knowledge and abilities into practice. These competitions allow them to demonstrate their skills in a practical setting, fostering confidence and encouraging further exploration.
  2. Inclusive Education: Our goal is to democratize education and create an inclusive learning environment. Gurufa Games provides equal opportunities for all participants, irrespective of their background or academic performance. By focusing on practical skills and talent, we empower children to discover their unique strengths and passions.

At Gurufa, we believe in the power of education to transform lives. By building an ecosystem of learning and competing opportunities with Gurufa Kids and Gurufa Games, we strive to provide a holistic, practical, and engaging educational experience that nurtures each child's full potential.

Join us on this exciting journey of education reform and empower your child to succeed in a dynamic and ever-evolving world!